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Pantograph (edge-to-edge or e2e):  A single quilting design stitched edge to edge from top to bottom in one thread color.  Designs range from soft open areas to complex and densely quilted. This is an excellent choice for a quilt that will be “much loved” by the recipient!  Most of my designs run in the $0.0225 - $0.025 per square inch range.  A border to border (b2b) will also work for allover quilting.  Multiply your width x your length for the total square inches - then multiply that amount by the design price.  (Example 60x72 quilt top equals 4320 sq. inches - 4320 x .0225= $97.20 for the quilting.) Minimum Fee: $50.00

Border to Border :  Border 2 border designs may be quilted in the body of quilt or as an allover.  However a b2b design could be quilted in the main body with one outer border treatment quilted separately. This is perfect for a busy body of quilt, but a large solid or simple border fabric.  If you have a border with a busy print, the quilting will likely not show up. When selecting this type of quilting, be sure to choose a b2b or "square" design vs. interlocking rows. This is the only choice if a 3-dimensional flange or rick rack has been added between the border and body of the quilt. An additional fee is added when a separate border treatment is used.

                   Square row design (b2b)                                  Interlocking (nested) Rows (e2e)

                           Lithe - Digital LQ-LIT_DIGITAL

Custom quilting:  Custom quilting service on a limited basis in 2020. Minimum Fee $100.00.  Custom quilting includes a border treatment, stitch in the ditch between border and body of quilt.  Setting block motifs in each block with stitch-in-the-ditch between blocks and or sashing strips between blocks.



Edge to Edge Design (e2e) is stitched from the top left edge  to the bottom right edge of the quilt. This type of design does not take into account any block designs.  It is also called an allover design. 

This is a great choice for everyday quilts that will be loved often.  It's also great for quilts with busy prints.

To see photos of quilts, check out my Pinterest or            Instagram account.


Border to Border (b2b) designs are good when you want it a bit more customized.  This includes a separate border treatment with  a complimentary  b2b design in the body.   There is usually a line of stitching  between the two - also known as stitch in the ditch.

This is the best choice if there is a three dimensional flange between the body of the quilt and the outer border. You wouldn't want the flange quilted.



Rush Fee:  Quilts are completed on  a first in, first out schedule.  An additional $50-100 will be added to your invoice for quilting a rush job.  A rush job is when you request your quilt be completed by a specific date that would require scheduling before those already in-house.  These quilts are completed in my non-working  hours.

Binding Services

Attaching, by machine, pre-made binding for customer to whip stitch closed.

Attach customer provided pre-made binding to back of quilt by machine, fold to front and machine stitch closed. This is great for baby and kid quilts that will be machine washed MANY times.

I do not provide any hand stitched binding service due to arthritis and carpal tunnel issues.

Additional fees that could appear on invoice:  Trim and square backing ($10),  repair unsewn/missed seams,  backings too small requiring muslin strips be added for mounting onto machine $5 - $20, depending on length and how many sides require strips. Seam backing for quilts ($10) per seam.  The best way to avoid additional fees is by preparing your quilt top and back properly for machine quilting.  When in doubt, phone me 804-747-7766.

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